Protect your Enterprise LAN from DNS over https (DoH)

Act now and protect your network!

A huge problem is upcoming for CEO‘s, CIO‘s and system administrators. DNS-over-https (DoH), which is in testing phase now.

If you have not heared of DoH (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNS_over_HTTPS) till now, you are already very late. Even the idea behind it may have had good reasons, it is like a security bomb for every LAN and firewalling of DNS requests.

DoH in short runs DNS requests via port 443, which is the standard https/Webserver port. Every user is able to circumvent your firewall, your DNS block lists and a lot more. Because some browsers already have it built in, others will follow. Because it is encrypted there is no way to block the stuff on the proxy server or the firewall.

CTS, a security specialist since 1985, has developed solutions to help you to prevent a massive security risk and furthermore concentrating DNS requests at some of the big data miners.

What we do for you:

  • setup DoT (DNS over TLS) Servers on VPS owned by you to encrypt the DNS Traffic from your LAN to them. Using this solution, no unencrypted traffic can be sniffed by your provider or anybody sitting on your WAN side..
  • setup or help you to route all your standard DNS requests (P:53) via these DoT servers
  • maintaining a list of around 25.000 known worldwide public accessible DNS/DoH/DoT Servers
  • setup, or help you to add the firewall rules so your users are unable to reach the DoH Servers via port 443

This solutions will solve 98-99% of your upcoming problems!

Contact us, to discuss your special requirements. We always create personalized solutions for our customers.

Whatever you do, it is time to act now!

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